Gardeners’ World


Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk Gallery, Chelsea, London SW10 0AQ
1st -17th October 2020
Jonathan Cooper

One who plants a garden plants happiness.

Gardeners’ World is an imaginative journey across cultures and time, exploring our obsession with gardens in their myriad forms, from the original paradise of the Garden of Eden to the respite from modern life offered by rooftop urban gardens. Drawing on the artist’s childhood memories of Irish walled gardens, and those glimpsed during her many travels, these paintings are characterized by Campbell’s signature warmth and humour, and richly detailed style. Whether depicting tulip mania of the Dutch Golden Age, or the meditative calm of a Zen garden, these paintings capture the care and love with which gardens have been created, curated and cultivated throughout history.

Victoria Pham was commissioned by Jonathan Cooper to make a short film, please click here to view: Rebecca Campbell film


Gardeners' World - Rebecca Campbell