Elephant Family

2010 – Present

My story with Elephant Family

Little did I know how much one man could have such a big impact on the lives of elephants as well as on my own. I went to hear a talk at the Royal Geographical Society in the early nineties by Mark Shand. He had taken it upon himself to buy an elephant and ride it across India. In fact he couldn’t have known before he set out on this fantastic journey that it was to shape the rest of his life. He came to realise the plight of the Asian elephant (in the past century their numbers have plummeted by 80%) and then unlike most people he did something about it. He set up the charity Elephant Family.
I can’t say I was so courageous after hearing his talk, I did nothing. However, over 15 years later in 2009 I received a highly unusual email asking if I would like to paint an elephant! – well a sculpture of one anyway.
This was the start of my relationship with this amazing charity, in 2015 they made me an ambassador and I continue to work with them. Read more

Elephant Family www.elephant-family.org

As well as taking part in numerous campaigns, her artwork is also the visual identity of  The Animal Ball, Travels To My Elephant and Concours d’elephant.

The Campaigns
Queen’s Platinum Jubilee ‘Eggs of An Era’ 2022
Globe Trotter 2021  Globe Trotter x Elephant Family
Globe Trotter Interview  Rebecca Campbell, The Artist’s Way
Animal Ball 2016, 2019
Spirit of India, 2018.  Spirit of India
Concours d’elephant 2018
Adventures and Curiosities, 2018
Travels To My Elephant 2015, 2017
The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt 2012
In Giant Footsteps 2014
Jungle City, Edinburgh 2011
Elephant Parade, London 2010

Elephant Family - Rebecca Campbell