Travels to My Elephant

Client: Elephant Family

Rebecca is delighted and honoured to have been asked to be an Ambassador for this amazing charity championing the Asian Elephant and its plight.

Brief: Rebecca was asked by the charity with whom she has worked for the last six years, to be their official artist for 2015. Her images from her show inspired by India, Bewitched, Bedazzled, Bewildered were used to promote Elephant Family’s latest project Travels To My Elephant. This campaign was inspired by Elephant Family’s late founder, the passionate conservationist Mark Shand, whose rescue of an Asian elephant, Tara, is recorded in his best-selling book, Travels on my Elephant.

Launch of Travels to My Elephant
Rebecca Campbell with their Royal Highnesses Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall launched Travels To My Elephant in the UK at Clarence House  

Travels to my Elephant was a once in a lifetime race and saw a fleet of rickshaws journey 500km across India in November 2015. The event was a rallying call to the world, to save Asia’s last remaining elephants from extinction. Teams from all corners of the globe including Thailand, India, America, Sweden and the UK took part in the race.

The Royal Presidents of the charity, their Royal Highnesses Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall launched Travels To My Elephant in the UK at Clarence House. Rebecca Campbell’s rickshaw and one other were completed for this, another 18 rickshaws were transformed into extraordinary pieces of mobile art individually designed by a host of international artists, milliners and fashion houses including Diane von Furstenberg, Manish Arora, Carolina Herrara, Philip Colbert and The Rodnik Band and Nicky Haslam.

The beautiful rickshaws were dislayed on the streets of London, offering everyone a unique chance to join the conservation journey and contribute to the charity campaign by riding the rickshaws in magical tours of the city and they were then auctioned raising over £750,000 for the charity.

Rebecca's rickshaw 'Indian Summer' sold for £40,000.

'Indian Summer': adorned with hornbills, hoopoes, and a holy cow; majestic elephants, strutting peacocks and a tiger stealthily making his way through a forest of bamboo. Rebecca Campbell's rickshaw design was inspired by her travels around India and is a celebration of its diverse wildlife.

Rebecca created a map for the race that took place in India - This can be seen in the brochure below along side her other art work for the project.





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