Elephant Parade, London

Client: Elephant Family Charity

Brief: Elephant Parade is a conservation campaign highlighting the urgent crisis faced by the endangered Asian Elephant. It is London’s biggest public art event, Elephant Family, www.elephantfamily.org had 257 life size baby model elephants painted by artists and celebrities that were displayed all over London for two months to raise awareness and funds (they were then auctioned off by Sotherbys) for the Asian Elephant.

31 elephants including Kingdom were selected from the 258 for the Gala Auction, a dinner was held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. The auction was conducted by Henry Windham, Chairman of Sotherbys, Goldie Hawn, Patron of Elephant Family hosted it.

Harmony was in the second presitgous auction, it was bought by Isobel Goldsmith for her hotel Las Alamandas on the coast of Mexico.

Rebecca Campbell- Elephant Parade1 Rebecca Campbell- Elephant Parade2


Location: Sloane Square Sponsored by Priya and Cyrus Vandrevala See in situ

Prowling tigers, dancing cranes, strutting peacocks and even dung beetles going about their daily business, these and many others adorn Kingdom. It is a celebration of Asian birds, plants and animals that share the Asian elephant's domain.



Location: Green Park Sponsored by Wildlife Protection Society of India . See in situ

Underneath the leafy canopy of bamboo, elephants and tigers thread their way through. I was asked to paint a second elephant on behalf of the Wildlife Protection Society of India, a charity for protecting all animals in India, especially the tiger. They wanted to show elephants and tigers sharing the same environment.

Jungle City, Edinburgh 2011


Client: Elephant Family Charity, www.elephantfamily.org

Brief: Following the success of Elephant Parade, London in 2010, the charity Elephant Family staged Edinburgh’s biggest public art event during the festival. It featured 130 life size sculptures of some of the planet’s most endangered species, again painted by artists and celebrities, and raised £1million for their survival.

I was asked to paint a tiger, I chose the Chinese proverb: “He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.”

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/user/JungleCityScotland

Rebecca Campbell- Jungle City1 Rebecca Campbell- Jungle City2  

“He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.”

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